From stress to well-being

From stress to well-being

The Danish Working Environment Authority

The Danish Working Environment Authority (DWEA) wanted to redesign I did the UX design and the art direction for the website.

As a starting point, DWEA wanted to ‘beautify’ their existing solution. That approach presented a challenge as their current solution was built on a three column layout: navigation column on the left, content column in the middle and teaser column on the right. This makes it hard to apply a responsive design for the content. The teaser column would as a result in most cases be placed in the bottom of the page, hiding potential valuable information. Simultaneously studies have shown that users are increasingly growing blind to right side, teaser content.

I suggested reducing the columns from three to two (navigation and content) and add the teaser elements in context to related  content. This meant an improvement in the mobile experience, as the reaser elements would serve as page breakers, providing a better overview and better reading experience.

The UX challenge with the column on the right, had to be solved so the content would be accessible on all devices.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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